Citations & Research

Research Topics

  • Understanding digital counterinsurgency
    • E.g.  Electronic actors like cyber militias
  • Targeted digital threats against high risk groups
  • The ubiquity of mass-market communications tools during periods of political transition and unrest
    • Especially decentralized networks and communications practices
    • And the new class of risks this introduces
  • The role of internet freedom funding & institutions

Selected Recent Citations

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Other Research Projects


Singer BF, Scott-Railton J & Vezina P. (2012) Unpredictable saccharin reinforcement enhances locomotor responding to amphetamineBehavior & Brain Research 226(1), 340-344.

Read more about this work here: A Gateway Activity? From Slot Machines to Speed, Science Life, 2011.

Scott-Railton J, Arnold G & Vezina P (2006) Appetitive sensitization by amphetamine does not reduce its ability to produce conditioned taste aversion to saccharinBehavior & Brain Research, 175(2), 305-314.

Development & Planning

Mukhija V & Scott-Railton J (2013) The importance of design in affordable housing: lessons from mutual self-help housing in California. Housing Policy Debate, 23(4), 765-780.

Scott-Railton, J (2008) Empowering or Entangling?  Challenges of Participation in DevelopmentAgora, 49-58.