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Bloomberg Businessweek  The Hackers of Damascus by Stephan Faris (11/15/12)

ABC News  Skype Becomes Operations Center for Syrian Rebels by Lara Setrakian (10/15/12)

Bloomberg Spyware Matching FinFisher Can Take Over IPhones by Vernon Silver (8/29/12)

Washington Post Sanctions aimed at Syria and Iran are hindering opposition, activists say by James Ball (8/14/12)

Bloomberg Cyber Attacks On Activists Traced To FinFisher Spyware Of Gamma by Vernon Silver (7/25/12)

Wired How the Boy Next Door Accidentally Built a Syrian Spy Tool by Robert McMillan  (7/11/12)

UCLA Magazine Let Freedom Tweet (1/1/12) by Jack Feuer

UCLA Magazine A New Blueprint For Public Life by Jack Feuer (4/1/11)

Libé  Libye: où piocher des infos sur internet? (3/23/11)

PBS Need to Know online  Working around Libya’s communications blackout by Sal Gentlie (3/4/11)

O Globo: Americano dá voz no Twitter a revolucionários da Líbia e do Egito (3/25/11)

LA Times online  Tweeting Libya: @feb17voices by  Lori Kozlowski  (2/21/11)

Zocalo Public Square Ousting Mubarak from Westwood  by Colin Kielty(2/11/11)

Fishbowl LA Jan25 Voices: Egyptian Army Has Begun Firing On Pro-Mubarak ‘Thugs’ by Matthew Fleischer (2/2/11)

PC World  Why there’s no such thing as an internet kill switch by Mike Elgan (2/7/11)

LA Times online EGYPT: Capturing voices with Twitter and a cellphone by Lori Kozlowski (2/2/11)

Time Magazine Meet the Man Tweeting Egypt’s Voices to the World by Stephan Faris (1/27/11)

Harpers  Six Questions for John Scott-Railton on Cambodia by Ken Silverstein (12/23/09)

Daily Bruin UCLA doctoral student John Scott-Railton uses mapping technology to help villagers in Cambodia and Senegal by Soshee Jau (5/6/10)



BBC World  Revolution, Uploaded. (5/14-15/2011)

France24:  John Scott Railton, founder of Feb 17 voices, pays tribute to Mohammed al Nabbous (3/20/11)**

CBC Connect with Mark Kelley Guest discussing @feb17voices and @jan25voices (2/25/11)

France 24 (English and French Channels), Interviewed (2/25/11)

Aljazeera English Interviewed (2/22/11)

Fox And Friends  U.S. Student Helps Tweet Egyptian Voices (2/5/11)

Reason TV Tweeting Around Egypt’s Web Blackout – Meet John Scott-Railton (2/4/11)

Aljazeera English Bypassing Egypt’s web blackout: How a US-based student made sure the voices of Egyptian protesters were heard. (2/2/11)

Fox 11 UCLA Grad Student Shares Egypt News on Twitter (1/31/11)


ABC PM UK-made spy software found in Bahrain by Connie Agius (9/10/12)

BBC 5 Morning and evening slots. Guest. Topic: Gaddafi’s Capture (10/20/11)

BBC 5 Outriders Secure activism and hacking phones by Jamillah Knowles (8/30/11)

BBC 5 Guest. Topic:  the security situation in Tripoli (8/28/11)

BBC 5 Guest. Topic:  false reports of Saif al Islam Gaddafi’s capture (8/22/11)

BBC 5 Guest. Topic: the battle for Tripoli (8/21/11)

NTN 24 Guest. Topic: ongoing developments in Tripoli (8/23/11)

ABC John FainMornings  Guest. Topic situation in Libya (8/22/11)

BBC 5: Guest. Topic: the battle for Tripoli (8/20/11)

CBC Radio As it Happens Guest (2/24/11)

ABC, Jon Faine Mornings Interviewed (2/18/11)

BBC World Service guest discussing role of social media.

KPCC Los Angeles “UCLA student turns to Twitter to make sure Egyptian voices heard”(2/1/11)

AlJazeera English Interview (1/31/2011)

PRI The World Egyptians make their voices heard online by Clark Boyd (1/31/11)


Contributions to Others’ Work

CNN Computer spyware is newest weapon in Syrian conflict by Ben Brumfield

[graphic] New York Times Siege of the Strategic City of Misurata by Sergio Pecanha and Archie Tse

** The title is inaccurate: Feb17voices was co-founded based on the @jan25voices model with the remarkable Sarah Abdurrahman and Abdulla Darrat