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Research: RECKLESS III: Reckless III: Investigation Into Mexican Mass Disappearance Targeted with NSO Spyware

New York Times

ResearchReckless Redux: Senior Mexican Legislators and Politicians Targeted with NSO Spyware

Research: Reckless Exploit: Mexican Journalists, Lawyers, and a Child Targeted with NSO Spyware

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Research: Tainted Leaks: Disinformation and Phishing With a Russian Nexus

Financial TimesWashington PostReutersAFPWiredCBCMotherboardForbesThe HillMother JonesArs TechnicaGizmodoJust SecurityGlobal NewsIT World CanadaSC Magazine, International Business TimesSpeigel OnlineBank Info Security.

Research: Bitter Sweet: Supporters of Mexico’s Soda Tax Targeted With NSO Exploit Links

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Research: Nile Phish: Large-Scale Phishing Campaign Targeting Egyptian Civil Society

Associated Press, Vice, The Intercept, The Hill, Egyptian Streets, La Stampa, Slate, Cairo PortalVersion2, Al Nabaa, Middle East Monitor, Al Mesryoon

Research: The Million Dollar Dissident: NSO Group’s iPhone Zero-Days used against a UAE Human Rights Defender

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ResearchGroup5: Syria and the Iranian Connection

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Research: Packrat: Seven Years of a South American Threat Actor

Associated Press, Vice Motherboard, CBC, ClarinABC News, FortuneSecurity Week, CIO, SoftpediaPC WorldGlobal News, El Universo, The RegisterUS News & World Report, The Washington Free Beacon.

Research: Malware Attack Targeting Syrian ISIS Critics

Associated Press, CNNThe Guardian, BBCForbes, CBC News, Metro News, The Daily Beast, The Register,Pando Daily, Schneier on Security, Ars Technica, IB Times, France24,, CIO Today, SC Magazine, VOA News, HackReadMashable.

Research: China’s Great Cannon

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Bloomberg Businessweek  The Hackers of Damascus by Stephan Faris (11/15/12)

ABC News  Skype Becomes Operations Center for Syrian Rebels by Lara Setrakian (10/15/12)

Bloomberg Spyware Matching FinFisher Can Take Over IPhones by Vernon Silver (8/29/12)

Washington Post Sanctions aimed at Syria and Iran are hindering opposition, activists say by James Ball (8/14/12)

Bloomberg Cyber Attacks On Activists Traced To FinFisher Spyware Of Gamma by Vernon Silver (7/25/12)

Wired How the Boy Next Door Accidentally Built a Syrian Spy Tool by Robert McMillan  (7/11/12)



UCLA Magazine Let Freedom Tweet (1/1/12) by Jack Feuer

UCLA Magazine A New Blueprint For Public Life by Jack Feuer (4/1/11)

Libé  Libye: où piocher des infos sur internet? (3/23/11)

PBS Need to Know online  Working around Libya’s communications blackout by Sal Gentlie (3/4/11)

O Globo: Americano dá voz no Twitter a revolucionários da Líbia e do Egito (3/25/11)

LA Times online  Tweeting Libya: @feb17voices by  Lori Kozlowski  (2/21/11)

Zocalo Public Square Ousting Mubarak from Westwood  by Colin Kielty(2/11/11)

Fishbowl LA Jan25 Voices: Egyptian Army Has Begun Firing On Pro-Mubarak ‘Thugs’ by Matthew Fleischer (2/2/11)

PC World  Why there’s no such thing as an internet kill switch by Mike Elgan (2/7/11)

LA Times online EGYPT: Capturing voices with Twitter and a cellphone by Lori Kozlowski (2/2/11)

Time Magazine Meet the Man Tweeting Egypt’s Voices to the World by Stephan Faris (1/27/11)



Harpers  Six Questions for John Scott-Railton on Cambodia by Ken Silverstein (12/23/09)

Daily Bruin UCLA doctoral student John Scott-Railton uses mapping technology to help villagers in Cambodia and Senegal by Soshee Jau (5/6/10)



BBC World  Revolution, Uploaded. (5/14-15/2011)

France24:  John Scott Railton, founder of Feb 17 voices, pays tribute to Mohammed al Nabbous (3/20/11)**

CBC Connect with Mark Kelley Guest discussing @feb17voices and @jan25voices (2/25/11)

France 24 (English and French Channels), Interviewed (2/25/11)

Aljazeera English Interviewed (2/22/11)

Fox And Friends  U.S. Student Helps Tweet Egyptian Voices (2/5/11)

Reason TV Tweeting Around Egypt’s Web Blackout – Meet John Scott-Railton (2/4/11)

Aljazeera English Bypassing Egypt’s web blackout: How a US-based student made sure the voices of Egyptian protesters were heard. (2/2/11)

Fox 11 UCLA Grad Student Shares Egypt News on Twitter (1/31/11)


ABC PM UK-made spy software found in Bahrain by Connie Agius (9/10/12)

BBC 5 Morning and evening slots. Guest. Topic: Gaddafi’s Capture (10/20/11)

BBC 5 Outriders Secure activism and hacking phones by Jamillah Knowles (8/30/11)

BBC 5 Guest. Topic:  the security situation in Tripoli (8/28/11)

BBC 5 Guest. Topic:  false reports of Saif al Islam Gaddafi’s capture (8/22/11)

BBC 5 Guest. Topic: the battle for Tripoli (8/21/11)

NTN 24 Guest. Topic: ongoing developments in Tripoli (8/23/11)

ABC John FainMornings  Guest. Topic situation in Libya (8/22/11)

BBC 5: Guest. Topic: the battle for Tripoli (8/20/11)

CBC Radio As it Happens Guest (2/24/11)

ABC, Jon Faine Mornings Interviewed (2/18/11)

BBC World Service guest discussing role of social media.

KPCC Los Angeles “UCLA student turns to Twitter to make sure Egyptian voices heard”(2/1/11)

AlJazeera English Interview (1/31/2011)

PRI The World Egyptians make their voices heard online by Clark Boyd (1/31/11)


Contributions to Others’ Work

CNN Computer spyware is newest weapon in Syrian conflict by Ben Brumfield

[graphic] New York Times Siege of the Strategic City of Misurata by Sergio Pecanha and Archie Tse

** The title is inaccurate: Feb17voices was co-founded based on the @jan25voices model with the remarkable Sarah Abdurrahman and Abdulla Darrat